What is the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance?

4 min readMar 14, 2022

— 14 Mar 2022

The Data Privacy Protocol Alliance

Tapmydata is a proud founding member of the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance. Together with 24 other great web3 projects, we joined forces to build a blockchain-based data ecosystem. The goal of this ecosystem is to give people control and earnings over their data. If you want to know more about what DPPA is and why data is the new oil, keep reading.

What is the DPPA?

The Data Privacy Protocol Alliance (DPPA) is the governing body of the Data Privacy Protocol. The alliance is on a mission to build a decentralised data ecosystem that is piloting new technologies empowering people and giving them more control over how they store, manage and use personal data generated online.

This vision pretty much reflects what we are doing here at Tapmydata so we were excited to join the alliance and cooperate with other companies for the bright future of the new data economy.

Key Problems DPPA addresses

  • People who have lost control over their personal data.
  • User data is fully controlled by a handful of monopolies.
  • It is almost impossible for users to claim their data back.
  • People can’t benefit from sharing their data.

Data Privacy Protocol Alliance is built to change the data inequality and provide people with tools and knowledge on how they can take back control over their data. We’ve covered more on the importance of owning your data in this blog, so check it out.

DPPA’s vision of a personal data economy

  • Decentralisation. With blockchain technology, the world’s data can be stored, shared, and exchanged for value in an efficient, transparent, and ethical way.
  • Data ownership and transparency.
  • Data Monetization. With data ownership comes the opportunity to monetize data.

DPPA founding members

Data Privacy Protocol Alliance was founded by more than 20 founding members. These are data aggregators, privacy advocates, brands, agencies, and advertising platforms aimed to build a personal data economy with the focus on ownership and transparency.

DPPA Founding Members

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all the founding members in this blog, so we’ll make a series of articles about them. In this blog, we’ll tell you about 4 founding members: Swash, Big Data Protocol, MetaMe, and Own Your Data Foundation.


Swash is a browser plugin built on the open-source technology that lets users earn passive income when browsing through the internet. Once installed, your non-sensitive data is automatically captured, pooled, and sold on your behalf.

When your data is bought, Swash takes a small percentage of the profits from sales to support operations and shares the rest equally between its members.

Learn more about Swash

Big Data Protocol

Big Data Protocol is a platform for sharing commercial data and services. It uses DeFi protocols and a Web3 marketplace to source commercial data from professional data providers, tokenizing it and making it liquid on Uniswap. Users can earn data by providing liquidity to data tokens. Big Data provides three services — data vault, data room and data marketplace.

Learn more about Big Data Protocol


metaMe is a universal wallet for managing your money and data. It is also a data marketplace where you can sell your data to brands for money and rewards or tailored products and services, safely on your terms.

The mission of metaMe is to enable people to have sovereignty, agency, and autonomy over their data, so they can use it to train their own personal AI to drastically improve their everyday lives.

Learn more about metaMe

Own Your Data Foundation

Own Your Data is a non-profit foundation that works to fill the knowledge gap, advocating for a digitally intelligent global community. Own Your Data Foundation aims to be the capacity builders and multipliers in the digital intelligence movement by focusing on the training of trainers.

The company’s efforts are focused on mobilising adults and those with influence while inspiring a network of youth volunteers to become valuable resources for their classmates and peers.

Learn more about Own Your Data Foundation

How can you start earning from your data today?

Tapmydata was built to help users earn from their data and time. You can monetize your data by connecting with innovative Web3 businesses.

In the Tapmydata app, you are the one who owns the data, controls it and decides to share it with our partners. Your data will only be seen by the company you shared it with in an encrypted channel and you are free to leave at any time. The channel will be closed and your data withdrawn.

Fully Mobile Optimised App

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to start earning from your data:

  • Download the Tapmydata app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet with the app
  • Mint your Glitch NFT at glitch.tapmydata.com. Your Glitch is your identity in the Tapmydata data ecosystem. Minting Glitch costs 5 MATIC and you will earn the equivalent value of TAP in return.
  • That’s it, you’re all set up. Now you can join the data channels and get rewards for your data every month.