Tapmydata Community Update

2 min readMar 11, 2022

— 10 Mar 2022

Tapmydata Community Update

Thank you for supporting our project and keeping up with us. The last couple of months we’ve been working tirelessly on the new strategy for Tapmydata including product, brand, token and community development. Here is a quick glimpse into the coming updates:

Product development:

  • Tapmydata V2 will be available as a mobile only solution, so there is no need for a desktop interaction. To do this, we are developing an advanced way of interacting with Metamask. Achieving this will be a big step forward for the long-term value of our user experience.
  • Our new product is coming up soon and it will be focused on helping Web3 Partners and Users connect at scale across all touchpoints. This will help us break through the limitations of scaling the platform we have today.
  • We will roll out a suite of tools focused on helping Web3 projects and users to grow and thrive in safe and secure ways.
  • The TAP token will be the center of our expanded product ecosystem. Our token will have real and scalable usage. Users will be able to earn significant quantities of TAP tokens by sharing their data with verified Web3 projects in a secure way.

Brand & marketing development:

  • As our product and mission evolve, our brand will be evolving as well. We are working on rebranding Tapmydata to better represent its expansive future.
  • The rebranding will include a new brand name, new website & social presence, and new messaging based on the same core values: security, privacy and data value.
  • To help us market our projects more effectively, we are bringing new team members into our marketing team.

Token development:

  • We have reinstated our Uniswap V2 liquidity pools for users who prefer V2
  • We have built and are now testing our first single-sided staking programme. We expect to open this to a small group of invited people early in March.
  • Our expanded product toolset will see our TAP token play a more central role, as users will be able to earn and spend TAP in the app and web interfaces.

If you would like to participate and help us raise the profile of Tapmydata, and TAP itself, please contact us on Discord or Telegram. We are looking forward to your feedback and are excited about the upcoming changes.

For more about Tapmydata visit : tapmydata.com

Our App is now fully mobile optimised!

You can also start your earning journey now by downloading our App via the Google Play store or the Apple store now.