Become a Partner of Tapmydata to engage with the Web3 community

2 min readApr 1, 2022

— 28 Mar 2022

Why become a partner?

Did you know that the monthly number of the MetaMask user base has grown 38 times since 2020, reaching almost 21 million people per month? This can mean only one thing — Web3 is growing fast and it’s becoming more appealing to a large number of users.

However, in this fast moving world, how do Web3 native projects engage with their audience? How do they learn who these people are, what are they interested in, and what do they need?

Well, that’s what we are working on at Tapmydata. We are creating tools of utility to help Partners communicate with and grow their communities. Faster, easier, and safer.

How does that work?

Today, the Tapmydata project has three core components:

  • A user mobile App that is approved by both Apple and Android.
  • A mobile optimized NFT mint engine that acts as a form of authentication of a user in the Tapmydata ecosystem. Those who sign up to partner’s channels and share their data earn TAP tokens or 3rd party tokens as rewards.
  • A web portal for Partners to configure their accounts and engage with users via the mobile app.

We link all those things together to connect Web3 users and partners/projects in a secure and rewarding way.

Some amazing Web3 projects have already partnered with us to engage with users in a meaningful way. Check them out:

… and it’s just the beginning. Now the team is working hard to produce the next steps in the Tapmydata ecosystem. We will be adding some new features for both our users and partners to benefit from. For example, we’re upgrading the Partner portal, creating tools to help brands build their profile in the Web3 space, working on an insights dashboard to help partners know their customers, and much more.

Tapmydata is empowering Web3 projects with new ways to engage with their communities. Ready to join us as a partner and get in on the ground floor? Then contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.